Carved Copperhead Snake Cane #84

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This one-of-a-kind walking cane is carved and painted to resemble a Copperhead Snake. Carved from a single piece of Lodgepole Pine wood, hand painted and signed and numbered #84 by Mike Stinnett.


Carving a Brook Trout Pendant

Brook Trout Pendant Key Chain


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This 2-7/8 -inch Brook Trout has been carved by Mike Stinnett from a single piece of Pacific Yew wood and hand painted. It is strung on a real, steel fishing swivel with a key chain ring added. It is completely 3-D.

Cobra~Walking Stick #82 by Mike Stinnett

This one-of-a-kind, wooden walking-stick was carved out of a single piece of wood and hand-painted by Mike Stinnett.

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Timber Rattler/Mouse Walking Staff


Coral Snake Walking Staff

Here’s my 79th walking stick.  This time it has a Coral snake in combination with a little mouse on top.  I carved this out of a single piece of Lodgepole Pine.

If  you would like to see how I carved this I have uploaded a video on my youtube channel titled, Stinnettsticks.

coral etsy 1coral etsy mousecoral etsy 3


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Rattlesnake and Horned Lizard Staff

Rattlesnake Walking Stick with Horned Toad


Slam Dunk Basketball Player Walking Stick

I had a custom order for something a little different, this time.  This is carved from one piece of Lodgepole Pine.


Red Diamondback Rattlesnake Cane Video