Cobra~Walking Stick #82 by Mike Stinnett

This one-of-a-kind, wooden walking-stick was carved out of a single piece of wood and hand-painted by Mike Stinnett.

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Timber Rattler/Mouse Walking Staff


Coral Snake Walking Staff

Here’s my 79th walking stick.  This time it has a Coral snake in combination with a little mouse on top.  I carved this out of a single piece of Lodgepole Pine.

If  you would like to see how I carved this I have uploaded a video on my youtube channel titled, Stinnettsticks.

coral etsy 1coral etsy mousecoral etsy 3


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Rattlesnake and Horned Lizard Staff

Rattlesnake Walking Stick with Horned Toad


Slam Dunk Basketball Player Walking Stick

I had a custom order for something a little different, this time.  This is carved from one piece of Lodgepole Pine.


Red Diamondback Rattlesnake Cane Video

Red Diamondback Snake Cane

I decided to do a Red Diamondback, this time.  I had a real challenge with the shape and color of this one.  But I was very pleased with the burl-like wood grain in the handle.

mike, red diamondback 74





Malaysian Blue Coral Snake Wooden Walking Stick #73


Tunes from East and West~ Music Sampler

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Jered Gillispie and Mike Stinnett collaborate on this album, bringing you the tunes they wrote and played for the youtube channel, Stinnett Sticks. Can you imagine people across the country, perfect strangers, mind you, becoming good friends and making some good mountain music together? Well that’s exactly what happened with Mike and Jered. On this play album they have come up with some happy, eerie and down right relaxing music for you to lay your ears on!

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