Using Power Tools to Carve Wood Walking Sticks

I’m carving a brand new, custom ordered walking stick. It has a couple of Chickadees and some Blackberry Vines.  I’d like to show you how this is coming along and share some of the tools that I used.

stick concept etsy
Concept Drawing for a Carved Walking Stick

I started with this naturally shaped Pine Burl and began by removing unwanted parts of it with a DeWalt Reciprocating Saw.  I really like the fact that this is cordless and it will be just the right thing for me to take my work out into the countryside for some beautiful views.

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I’ve saved a selected branch coming off of the burl, to serve as the tail of the bird on the top.  That way the wood grain will be strong and keep the tail from breaking off. The DeWalt Oscillating Multi Tool worked great to make a starting point.

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I continued to carefully remove bits of unwanted material to begin revealing the shape of my top Chickadee.





I also used my Arbortech Mini Grinder to help me do some  shaping.


I use this tool a lot.  It’s a fast way to remove material.  I use it to make depth cuts and to shape.  So, below is a picture of the beginning of my Chickadee and Blackberry Bramble walking stick.  I have a lot of work to do and I hope you’ll come back to see my progress.  If you’re looking for some power carving tools I hope you’ll check out the links to Amazon that I have given.

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89 roughout for wp1





Wild Roses Cane

My wife and I collaborated to make this intricately hand-carved walking cane.  Using my wife, Brenda’s design, I enjoyed roughing it out in relief.  She put the final details on it.   It features a relief carving of wild roses with their leaves and vines. It’s  is carved from a single piece of wood. The natural light color of the sapwood and darker tones of the heartwood were utilized to enhance the effects of this design. Only a high gloss polyurethane was applied and no stain was needed to bring out the beautiful grain in this piece. It is available in my shop on


Rattlesnake Walking Stick #60



I made this walking stick from a clear Cedar post.  I really enjoyed how easy the cedar carved and how well it took the stain.  I hope you’re all having a happy start to a great new year!

Wood Carved Burmese Python Walking Stick #57

Here’s a video of my work in progress of the Massasauga Rattlesnake walking cane; hand carved out of a single piece of wood.


Rattlesnake Walking Stick 54

Eastern King Snake Walking Stick

I carved this King Snake and White Oak branch with it’s leaves all out of a single piece of wood.  It was a real challenge to bring all the leaves and stems together onto one branch.

oak1oak2oak3oak4full oak king1a