Wildlife Painting of Chipmunks

Here’s a little painting of a couple of chipmunks in an Autumn Huckleberry Patch.  I really enjoyed painting this.  I love this time of year with the beautiful fall colors.

the last huckleberry final, small





Framed Fields Peak Elk Painting

elkframe blogHere’s the finished painting of Fields Peak Elk in my own hand-crafted frame.  The image size is 20×28 inches.  With the frame it’s 29.25×37.25 inches.  The frame consists of  6 different types of molding which have been mitered and glued. Its then distressed and stained to give the appearance of old weathered wood.

Finished Elk Painting

fields peak elkblog

Bobcat Painting


This is my latest painting. A Bobcat in the cottonwood grove has just caught a Ruffle Grouse for his breakfast. This is an Acrylic painting on watercolor paper 12″ x 16″

Edge of the Briars- Finished Cottontail


The Cottontail painting is now finished. Most of the painting went like clockwork. The snow, however, gave me hours of trouble. One might think that snow would be relatively easy; its not. It’s  really hard to get the colors to blend just right, especially with acrylic. Snow actually doesn’t have as much white in it as it would appear.

The Look Out

The Look Out

After spending a lot of time this fall watching Bighorn Sheep in Montana, I could hardly wait to get back to the studio and paint them. This particular ram posed for quite some time, allowing me to get several nice reference photos.

Finished Ram Portrait

Finished Ram Portrait
Finished Ram Portrait

I had a lot of fun with this ram portrait.  I finished it by adding transparent glazes over the gray scale under-painting.

Serpentine Stone Sculpture American Bison

I carved this buffalo from a solid serpentine rock.  I started working on it years ago and I decided to finish it.  I  enjoyed turning an ordinary rock into a piece of art.  Serpentine makes great sculptures.  It carves well,  polishes to a nice shine and there’s a mountain of it in my own backyard.

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Doe and Fawn in Progress- #7 Completed

“Flower Bed ”  acrylic on watercolor paper  12″ x 16″


I finally finished this painting. I’ve decided to title it “Flower Bed”. This doe had her fawn about one hundred yards behind my house. I kind of got tired of painting flowers so I think my next painting will just have a lot of rocks in it. 🙂



Acrylic on Masonite. 22” x 16.75” in.