Carving the Details of Chickadee Walking Stick #89

I just keep working my way upward on this Chickadee and Blackberry Bramble walking stick.  It is ending up being much more detailed than I realized it would be when I first started.  I seem to have a habit of making my job harder and harder with each new project.

1 dad carve spring small


2 depth cuts small

My next step is to establish the diameter of the hand grip.  As shown in one of my previous posts, the hand-grip will be Blackberry vine twisting around the stick’s shaft.   I’m using my Arbortech Mini Grinder to make depth cuts.

3 Thinning the shaft small

After chipping away the wooden rings that I made with the mini grinder, I  use this angle grinder to smooth the surface.  I’ve left the  shaft thicker below the hand-grip area because I still have more designing to do.  But in the end I will use the same technique to reduce the rest of the walking stick’s diameter.

4 hand grip small

It took me quite a while to realize that this particular winding pattern was only possible for me to do by carving three vines instead of only one.

6 carving flowers 2 small

I started refining the shapes from the base of the design and am working my toward the  top,  saving the Chickadee birds for the last.

7 carving flowers 3 small

In order to carve the beaded texture in the flower centers, I used a diamond bur to carve a nice, little concave shape into a stone bur.  

This technique works well for small eyes and It will also work nicely for shaping the individual sections of the blackberries.

8 leaf details small

Here I am detailing the serrated edge of the leaf using an inverted cone bur.

I use this type of bur a lot.  It’s especially helpful for undermining the subjects and removing unwanted wood from negative spaces in tight places.

9 dewalt in the woods small

I’m hoping to spend a lot of time out in the country this year, and with this portable power station. I’ll be able to take my work with me.

11 carving in the woods small

The power station is able to power my micro motor and hand piece as well as my mini grinder.  I will be testing it’s limits this summer.

Thanks again for stopping by!  I’ll stick with it and keep on carving!  Hope to share my progress with you next week!  For those of you who are carvers or know someone who would like to carve, I’ve included some associate links to some of the tools I’ve mentioned here.  To see other tools that I use or recommend you can visit my amazon  associate store where I also earn fees on qualifying purchases.


Using Power Tools to Carve Wood Walking Sticks

I’m carving a brand new, custom ordered walking stick. It has a couple of Chickadees and some Blackberry Vines.  I’d like to show you how this is coming along and share some of the tools that I used.

stick concept etsy
Concept Drawing for a Carved Walking Stick

I started with this naturally shaped Pine Burl and began by removing unwanted parts of it with a DeWalt Reciprocating Saw.  I really like the fact that this is cordless and it will be just the right thing for me to take my work out into the countryside for some beautiful views.

saw resized for wordpress
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I’ve saved a selected branch coming off of the burl, to serve as the tail of the bird on the top.  That way the wood grain will be strong and keep the tail from breaking off. The DeWalt Oscillating Multi Tool worked great to make a starting point.

recip resized for wordprss2

Click to  Purchase the DEWALT Oscillating Multi-Tool

                                                                     (Tool Only)

I continued to carefully remove bits of unwanted material to begin revealing the shape of my top Chickadee.





I also used my Arbortech Mini Grinder to help me do some  shaping.


I use this tool a lot.  It’s a fast way to remove material.  I use it to make depth cuts and to shape.  So, below is a picture of the beginning of my Chickadee and Blackberry Bramble walking stick.  I have a lot of work to do and I hope you’ll come back to see my progress.  If you’re looking for some power carving tools I hope you’ll check out the links to Amazon that I have given.

(as an Amazon Affiliate I earn fees on qualified purchases)

89 roughout for wp1




Work in Progress~Hand Carved Rattlesnake Cane #61


I carved this Rattlesnake cane from a single piece of wood.  The painting is complete and it is ready for stain to be applied to the remaining wood.  I will also be drilling a hole in the handle for a lanyard.

Those of you who have been following me for some time have seen that my family and I enjoy sharing my life and work in videos.   We appreciate all the encouragement that has been given and the expression, of some of you, to continue.  We enjoy hearing from you and look forward to all your comments.

If you would like to support me further I have started a Patreon account where I share updated  information and videos about my projects, life and work.  I will also be giving my first  full tutorial of the making of Rattlesnake cane #61 in a series of videos for my friends on Patreon.

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Sidewinder Rattlesnake Knob Cane

I carved this knob-style cane from Oregon Juniper wood.  It features a Sidewinder Rattlesnake, a Deer Mouse and a moth.  It is completely carved out of a single piece of wood.  It will be hand painted and coated with a protective polyurethane.



Walking Stick #47 Progress Update

I am working on this double, snake stick with a King Snake below and a Rattlesnake on the top.  In this photo I have refined the shapes and am ready to put on the scales.scaleready

Here you can see the scales have been added to the Rattlesnake.  steves double snake stick blog 001steves double snake stick blog 002

 Here’s the King snake with his scales.  You can see the Rattlesnake on the opposite side of the stick.king

Walking stick #47 in Progress

In this new custom ordered project I am featuring two snakes.  The Diamondback Rattlesnake will be curling back to view its predator.  The King snake will be winding around beneath in pursuit of its prey.  I hope you enjoy watching the progress of this project. I will continue to post progress updates and I plan to make a video for my youtube channel when this walking stick is finished.




Carving a Copperhead Snake-wrapped Walking Cane

This is how I make snake wrapped walking canes.