Work in Progress~Hand Carved Rattlesnake Cane #61


I carved this Rattlesnake cane from a single piece of wood.  The painting is complete and it is ready for stain to be applied to the remaining wood.  I will also be drilling a hole in the handle for a lanyard.

Those of you who have been following me for some time have seen that my family and I enjoy sharing my life and work in videos.   We appreciate all the encouragement that has been given and the expression, of some of you, to continue.  We enjoy hearing from you and look forward to all your comments.

If you would like to support me further I have started a Patreon account where I share updated  information and videos about my projects, life and work.  I will also be giving my first  full tutorial of the making of Rattlesnake cane #61 in a series of videos for my friends on Patreon.


Sidewinder Rattlesnake Knob Cane

I carved this knob-style cane from Oregon Juniper wood.  It features a Sidewinder Rattlesnake, a Deer Mouse and a moth.  It is completely carved out of a single piece of wood.  It will be hand painted and coated with a protective polyurethane.



Walking Stick #47 Progress Update

I am working on this double, snake stick with a King Snake below and a Rattlesnake on the top.  In this photo I have refined the shapes and am ready to put on the scales.scaleready

Here you can see the scales have been added to the Rattlesnake.  steves double snake stick blog 001steves double snake stick blog 002

 Here’s the King snake with his scales.  You can see the Rattlesnake on the opposite side of the stick.king

Walking stick #47 in Progress

In this new custom ordered project I am featuring two snakes.  The Diamondback Rattlesnake will be curling back to view its predator.  The King snake will be winding around beneath in pursuit of its prey.  I hope you enjoy watching the progress of this project. I will continue to post progress updates and I plan to make a video for my youtube channel when this walking stick is finished.




Carving a Copperhead Snake-wrapped Walking Cane

This is how I make snake wrapped walking canes.

Progress on Rattlesnake Walking Stick #32

This Rattlesnake walking stick has three subjects;  all carved from a single piece of
Redwood.  The scales on the snake, and fur on the chipmunk will be my  next stages.  I still have the painting and finishing of the wood to do as well.  I was very challenged with the large Stag Beetle, but am happy that it is turning out alright.

I have saturated the most fragile parts of the ears, toes and beetle appendages with super glue to give them strength and to keep them from sheering off with the grain or being accidentally chipped.

stickbug 007

stickbug 004

Lodgepole Pine Mouse-topped Rattlesnake Walking Stick

Carved from one piece of lodgepole pine. I still have some refining to do. Next step is to add scales, mouse hair, stain, and paint

stick33 024stick33 020

Rattlesnake Walking Stick #32 In Progress

I’ve got a new walking stick roughed out.  It’s completely carved out of one solid piece of redwood.  On this one the chipmunk on top will have his personal space invaded by not only a Rattlesnake but a giant Stag Beetle.  I still have a lot of carving left to do to refine and shape my subjects; eyes, bug legs, ears tail and scales.   I’ll post more photos as I progress.

stickbugsnakechips 007

Rattlesnake Cane 31 Progress Update

The carving job is complete on this Mahogany walking cane.  It is one of the nicest natural shaped pieces of wood I’ve come across.  I really like the way this fits in your hand and that the snake head faces forward.  My next step is to paint him.  He has an estimated 5,000 individual scales.  Mahogany is a very strong wood and takes considerable more effort to carve but the result is beautiful.

cane 31 011

Unique Rattlesnake Cane

I’ve found a very unique piece of  Mountain Mahogany, which is native to Eastern Oregon.  Mountain Mahogany is a very hard and dense wood which carves beautifully!  It isn’t everyday that I find a perfect branch like this one.  Here I have roughed out my next rattlesnake cane.  I still have to carve all the details and paint it.034