Carved Redwood Eagle Pendant Necklace and Carved Serpenting Stone Arrowhead Pendant Necklace

Sometimes it’s fun to make a quick project.  I really enjoyed carving this eagle pendant out of Redwood.  I utilized the natural color of the wood and did not use any stain.


Carved Redwood Eagle


Carved Serpenting Arrowhead


Finished Bass Decoration

I finished this bass decoration with a coat of stain followed by a coat of polyurethane.  It stands up nicely and is for sale in my etsy shop.




Smallmouth Bass, Fish Decoration


Here’s a fish carving that I ‘m working on.  It is carved and painted on both sides and stands alone.  I began the coloring process with a controlled flame to darken the stripes and back.  After a coat of stain I added some white oil paint.


wood snake


Trout Wall Hanging Decoration

I’ve always loved fishing and I enjoy carving fish.  So I thought I’d make a few decorations for other fish lovers.  My first one is designed as a place to hang your keys or other things.  I distressed the wood after carving it to look like weathered barn wood.  My second trout has an antique appearance.   Both are for sale in my Etsy shop.


firsttrout2Hand Painted Trout Key Holder


secondtrout1Trout Fish Wall Decoration

Miniature Faux Taxidermy Whitetail Deer

Etsystuffs 004 Etsystuffs 007 Etsystuffs 002Here’s another miniature mount which my wife made.  It is made from wool roving on a wire armature.  We hand sculpted the antlers with epoxy clay.  He has glass eyes.  He can be found in my wife’s etsy shop called cottagemadegifts.

Miniature Faux Taxidermy-Mule Deer Buck

Recently my wife has been needle felting little sculptures with wool roving.  I talked her into making miniature trophy head mounts.  I made the antlers and helped to advise on shape and color.  So it was kind of a collaboration.  I think he turned out pretty neat.  He is for sale in my wife’s etsy shop;

Cottage Made Gifts.

fauxmuley 013 fauxmuley 011 fauxmuley 008

Showing in a New Art Gallery

This month I put some of my art in a new local gallery called the Copper Horse Art Center and Gallery, in Prairie City Oregon.   It’s filled with a great variety of beautiful artwork from local artists including the gallery owner Laurie Hueckman.


Mounting a Watercolor Style Painting on Hardboard

I like to paint on watercolor paper with acrylic but I don’t like to frame them behind glass. To me the reflection and glare on the glass makes it difficult to view the artwork.


So I discovered this technique for mounting my paintings  on 1/4-inch hardboard using Golden acrylic gel medium.


I quickly wiped the surface of my hardboard with a damp cloth.  Then I applied the gel.


I placed the painting on the prepared hardboard.


Then rolled with a rolling pin to secure it.  I laid another piece of hardboard over it and put weight on top of that to press it evenly and left it  overnight.


Here’s the finished painting in a frame that I made without glass.


Wooden Mountain Man Cup


wood cup 004I found an aspen limb which had been broken off in a wind storm and decided to make some cups.  I left the bark on the outside and the wood has a very pleasant scent.  I have been drinking coffee out of one that I made and I like how the aspen scent comes through in every sip.   I heard that using tung oil was best for wooden cups but after trying it I prefer to leave them natural.  So far they have not shown any signs of cracking. 

Burl Bowl

bowl4bowl5I’ll probably finish this with a coating of tung oil.  Should bring out the grain and give it a rich color.