Hand Carved Rattlesnake Cane #61

The weather has been so cold, lately, that I have had to do a lot of work indoors which has brought on a serious case of cabin fever! The only cure I know for that is to get out in the country. This video shows the making of a carved wooden cane with the Rattlesnake in the “ready to strike” position. It is carved from a single piece of Pine.

I’m in the process of uploading a series of video tutorials on the making of this cane for those who support me for $5 or more on https://www.patreon.com/stinnettsticks. I really appreciate the support which helps me be able to keep making videos. A “Great Big Thanks” to all you Patrons, Youtube subscribers and WordPress followers!

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Music by Mike and Theresa Stinnett and very special thanks to Jered Gillispie for his wonderful banjo picking! We appreciate his contribution to our music and look forward to adding more of his great music to our videos!

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I hope you’ll all stay tuned; I’ve got some new projects coming up with brand new subjects which I have never done before. Thank you all for watching and I look forward to seeing your comments below!

The Making of Carved Snake Stick 55

Rattlesnake Walking Cane #39 ~ Video

Rattlesnake Walking Cane #39

I Just finished this Rattlesnake walking cane.  With his chin resting on the handle, he appears to be a guardian, ready to strike.  He’s hand carved out of one solid piece of wood and then hand painted.

001 009 Cane#39etsy etsyicon

Carving a Copperhead Snake-wrapped Walking Cane

This is how I make snake wrapped walking canes.

Rattle Snake Chipmunk Walking Stick

Rattle Snake Chipmunk Walking Stick

Here is a walking stick that was recently sold to a collector in Arizona. Thanks Frank!