Rattlesnake and Horned Lizard Staff


Rattlesnake Walking Stick with Horned Toad


Red Diamondback Rattlesnake Cane Video

Red Diamondback Snake Cane

I decided to do a Red Diamondback, this time.  I had a real challenge with the shape and color of this one.  But I was very pleased with the burl-like wood grain in the handle.

mike, red diamondback 74





Carving A San Diego Mountain King Snake Walking Stick

Copperhead Snake Walking Stick 70

I carved this Copperhead Walking Stick out of a single Piece of Lodgepole Pine.  This is a Northern Copperhead which has some added spots to its pattern in comparison to the other Copperheads.  Thanks for stopping by!


A Warrior’s Solitude-Native American Walking Stick

I’m showing the carving of this walking stick and also a little venture out into the countryside to find historical evidence of the Native Americans.  Thanks for watching and I look forward to your comments!

Work in Progress~Hand Carved Rattlesnake Cane #61


I carved this Rattlesnake cane from a single piece of wood.  The painting is complete and it is ready for stain to be applied to the remaining wood.  I will also be drilling a hole in the handle for a lanyard.

Those of you who have been following me for some time have seen that my family and I enjoy sharing my life and work in videos.   We appreciate all the encouragement that has been given and the expression, of some of you, to continue.  We enjoy hearing from you and look forward to all your comments.

If you would like to support me further I have started a Patreon account where I share updated  information and videos about my projects, life and work.  I will also be giving my first  full tutorial of the making of Rattlesnake cane #61 in a series of videos for my friends on Patreon.

Mounting a Watercolor Style Painting on Hardboard

I like to paint on watercolor paper with acrylic but I don’t like to frame them behind glass. To me the reflection and glare on the glass makes it difficult to view the artwork.


So I discovered this technique for mounting my paintings  on 1/4-inch hardboard using Golden acrylic gel medium.


I quickly wiped the surface of my hardboard with a damp cloth.  Then I applied the gel.


I placed the painting on the prepared hardboard.


Then rolled with a rolling pin to secure it.  I laid another piece of hardboard over it and put weight on top of that to press it evenly and left it  overnight.


Here’s the finished painting in a frame that I made without glass.