Redwood Trout Pendant

Here’s a little pendant we made out of some Redwood scraps.  It has some homemade Dogwood, beads and is hung with a tiny swivel.  My wife likes to help me and has made several different pendants like hummingbirds and sea turtles.  It’s been a fun addition to our home business. We sell them in our Etsy shop.

Wooden Copperhead Walking Stick #58 & Coffee Mug

Copperhead Snake Walking Stick #38 Video

Rattlesnake Walking Stick #37 Video

Diamondback Rattlesnake Walking Stick #35

On this stick I was asked to carve this knurled hand-grip. It is all carved from a single piece of Logdepole Pine.   After carving the snake and all the scales it is hand-painted.  I use three different polyurathane finishes to shine and protect different areas.  For the eyes and rattle I use a high gloss, for the shaft of the stick I use a satin finish and for the snake I use  a flat finish.

stick35 031

Rigsby stick 35

stick35 034

stick35 036

stick35 040

Finished Rattlesnake Walking Stick #32

  An Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake wraps around the shaft of this chipmunk- topped walking stick.    They are joined by a  large Stag Beetle.  This is my first three-subject walking stick and it is made from my dwindled supply of Redwood.  It has taken me some time to finish this piece but I enjoyed it.

last stick32 028

last stick32 026

last stick32 002

last stick32 006

Rattle Snake Walking Sticks

Hand-carved from a single piece of wood and then painted.

Each walking stick is hand-carved from a single piece of wood, stained  and  painted.