Malaysian Blue Coral Snake Wooden Walking Stick #73



Walking stick #47 in Progress

In this new custom ordered project I am featuring two snakes.  The Diamondback Rattlesnake will be curling back to view its predator.  The King snake will be winding around beneath in pursuit of its prey.  I hope you enjoy watching the progress of this project. I will continue to post progress updates and I plan to make a video for my youtube channel when this walking stick is finished.




Wild Rose Bramble Walking Stick by Brenda Stinnett

  This is a walking stick which my wife, Brenda, carved from a piece of driftwood.  She has meticulously carved autumn leaves and rose hips on a winding bramble.  I am so proud of her.  This can be found for sale in my etsy shop.



Wood carved Rattlesnake Walking Cane 46 Video

Rattlesnake Walking Cane #46

This Rattlesnake walking cane is hand carved from a single piece of wood and then hand painted.

stick46 063

Rattlesnake Walking stick #44 with knurled handgrip

Hand-carved from a single piece of Cedar and hand-painted.

snake44 003snake44 006snake44 012

Cornsnake Walking Stick

I just finished this big Corn Snake on a small walking stick which is hand carved from a single piece of wood.   This was an enjoyable stick to make with it’s brightly  colored pattern.  I’ll be putting this for sale in my Shop.


cornsnakeD cornsnakeC cornsnakeB

Finished Rattlesnake Walking Stick #33

Lodgepole Pine is my new favorite wood to carve.  I like the workability of the wood, it’s strength, and especially the pattern of the grain after its been stained and  poly-coated.

I carved this walking stick out of one single piece of wood and hand painted it.

stick33done 003  stick33done 011stick33done 008 stick33done 014 stick33done 015 stick33done 016

Beginning of Copperhead Snake Cane

I will be posting a series of progress reports on a new cane that I am making.  It will be a Copperhead snake wrapped around a cane.


Smallmouth Bass, Fish Decoration


Here’s a fish carving that I ‘m working on.  It is carved and painted on both sides and stands alone.  I began the coloring process with a controlled flame to darken the stripes and back.  After a coat of stain I added some white oil paint.


wood snake