Doe and Fawn in Progress- #7 Completed

“Flower Bed ”  acrylic on watercolor paper  12″ x 16″


I finally finished this painting. I’ve decided to title it “Flower Bed”. This doe had her fawn about one hundred yards behind my house. I kind of got tired of painting flowers so I think my next painting will just have a lot of rocks in it. 🙂


Doe and Fawn Painting in Progress Update #4

Doe and Fawn Painting #4

Acrylic on Watercolor paper.

This is the fourth post on my Painting in Progress.  I’m working on creating a balance of color with the native wildflowers;  purple Lupine, yellow  Arrowleaf  Balsamroot, and red Indian Paintbrush.  As I come forward in layers I create higher contrast in the foliage to bring it into focus.  I may add a rock or two with lichen or I may just continue to bunch the wildflowers around the subjects;  I haven’t decided, yet.