Slam Dunk Basketball Player Walking Stick

I had a custom order for something a little different, this time.  This is carved from one piece of Lodgepole Pine.



Wooden Mountain Man Cup


wood cup 004I found an aspen limb which had been broken off in a wind storm and decided to make some cups.  I left the bark on the outside and the wood has a very pleasant scent.  I have been drinking coffee out of one that I made and I like how the aspen scent comes through in every sip.   I heard that using tung oil was best for wooden cups but after trying it I prefer to leave them natural.  So far they have not shown any signs of cracking. 

Rattlesnake Walking Stick # 17

stick17 018Rattlesnake walking stick # 17 is complete and can be found in my etsy shop.

wooden spoons

I’ve always wanted to find a good use for the little burls that grow on lodgepole pine limbs.  So I decided to make a few spoons. 

hairspoons 009

hairspoons 012hairspoons 014

Rattle Snake Walking Stick # 14



This is my latest walking stick #14 it is carved entirely from a single piece of wood, stained and hand painted. It is slightly over 50″ in length,SOLD

Rattle Snake Cane #11

Snake Cane Slideshow 003

Serpentine Stone Sculpture American Bison

I carved this buffalo from a solid serpentine rock.  I started working on it years ago and I decided to finish it.  I  enjoyed turning an ordinary rock into a piece of art.  Serpentine makes great sculptures.  It carves well,  polishes to a nice shine and there’s a mountain of it in my own backyard.

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Rattle Snake Cane #10

Rattle Snake Cane #10

Rattle Snake Cane #10 Profile

This is the tenth walking stick which I’ve made.  He’s 38 inches tall. He’s hand carved from a single piece of wood, stained, painted, varnished,  signed and numbered.SOLD

Available Walking Sticks

Available Walking Sticks

Here are some of the walking sticks and their dimensions which I have recently made. All of these sticks are carved from a single piece of wood, stained and painted. Each walking stick is signed and numbered in the order in which they are created.  These are all sold, but others can be found in my shop.