Wildlife Painting of Chipmunks

Here’s a little painting of a couple of chipmunks in an Autumn Huckleberry Patch.  I really enjoyed painting this.  I love this time of year with the beautiful fall colors.

the last huckleberry final, small





The Simple Life of a Wood Carver~ Starting a New Chapter

Out in the country, life is simple. I’d like to share some of the peaceful moments, the adventures and the projects of an old wood carver like me. That’s why I’ve become a member of Patreon. I’ll continue to put videos of my latest projects on YouTube, but for anyone who wants a behind the scenes look and maybe some tips and tricks about carving along the way, I invite you to come join me as I begin this new video series on Patreon.com/stinnettsticks

Sidewinder Knob Cane 48 Video

Framed Fields Peak Elk Painting

elkframe blogHere’s the finished painting of Fields Peak Elk in my own hand-crafted frame.  The image size is 20×28 inches.  With the frame it’s 29.25×37.25 inches.  The frame consists of  6 different types of molding which have been mitered and glued. Its then distressed and stained to give the appearance of old weathered wood.

Finished Elk Painting

fields peak elkblog

Fields Peak Painting in Progress

It’s been quite a bit of work, detailing the fur on the elk and the juniper foliage. Now I will start adding brush, grass and rocks to the foreground.



Elk Painting in Progress #2

More progress. Here I’ve added a cow elk to the background and roughed in the juniper tree to see how I want the composition to flow. Time to build some atmosphere.

elk sketch

Bull Elk Painting in Progress

Now that winter is here I find myself spending more time in the studio.  It’s a good time to make all the things I’ve been thinking about and paint the pictures that I’ve been dreaming up.

This bull painting has been in my mind for a long time.  He’s going to be in a juniper setting with rabbit brush and grasses and a bit of snow just like I’ve seen them so many times.

I begin with a monochromatic sketch painting in acrylic on  140lb watercolor paper. This sets the subject in place.  Then, I’ll begin working the details of the background out and finish with numerous transparent washes.  Then work out the foreground grasses and brush.

elk sketch 004

Showing in a New Art Gallery

This month I put some of my art in a new local gallery called the Copper Horse Art Center and Gallery, in Prairie City Oregon.   It’s filled with a great variety of beautiful artwork from local artists including the gallery owner Laurie Hueckman.


Mounting a Watercolor Style Painting on Hardboard

I like to paint on watercolor paper with acrylic but I don’t like to frame them behind glass. To me the reflection and glare on the glass makes it difficult to view the artwork.


So I discovered this technique for mounting my paintings  on 1/4-inch hardboard using Golden acrylic gel medium.


I quickly wiped the surface of my hardboard with a damp cloth.  Then I applied the gel.


I placed the painting on the prepared hardboard.


Then rolled with a rolling pin to secure it.  I laid another piece of hardboard over it and put weight on top of that to press it evenly and left it  overnight.


Here’s the finished painting in a frame that I made without glass.