Rattlesnake Walking Cane #39

I Just finished this Rattlesnake walking cane.  With his chin resting on the handle, he appears to be a guardian, ready to strike.  He’s hand carved out of one solid piece of wood and then hand painted.

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Rattle Snake Cane #10

Rattle Snake Cane #10
Rattle Snake Cane #10 Profile

This is the tenth walking stick which I’ve made.  He’s 38 inches tall. He’s hand carved from a single piece of wood, stained, painted, varnished,  signed and numbered.SOLD

Available Walking Sticks

Available Walking Sticks

Here are some of the walking sticks and their dimensions which I have recently made. All of these sticks are carved from a single piece of wood, stained and painted. Each walking stick is signed and numbered in the order in which they are created.  These are all sold, but others can be found in my etsy.com shop.