A Warrior’s Solitude-Native American Walking Stick

I’m showing the carving of this walking stick and also a little venture out into the countryside to find historical evidence of the Native Americans.  Thanks for watching and I look forward to your comments!


Mounting a Watercolor Style Painting on Hardboard

I like to paint on watercolor paper with acrylic but I don’t like to frame them behind glass. To me the reflection and glare on the glass makes it difficult to view the artwork.


So I discovered this technique for mounting my paintings  on 1/4-inch hardboard using Golden acrylic gel medium.


I quickly wiped the surface of my hardboard with a damp cloth.  Then I applied the gel.


I placed the painting on the prepared hardboard.


Then rolled with a rolling pin to secure it.  I laid another piece of hardboard over it and put weight on top of that to press it evenly and left it  overnight.


Here’s the finished painting in a frame that I made without glass.