Carved Wolf Walking Stick #63



Watch For Snakes


In this video I’m carving a Rattlesnake Walking Stick. This one has an Eastern Diamondback climbing the walking stick with a knurled hand grip, and the words “WATCH FOR SNAKES” on the top.
Its been a long winter but the snow is finally melting back around the canyon. That gave me a chance to get out and do a little bit of hiking.

My next project is a wolf head walking stick with deer, elk, moose shed antlers on the shaft. It’s going to be a fun one!

Music: Jered Gillispie, Mike and Theresa Stinnett

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Canebrake Timber Rattler

On my latest walking stick it was requested that it be a Canebrake Timber Rattle Snake in the yellow phase. I added a checkered hand grip. This was carved out of one solid piece of wood and hand painted. A coat of high gloss polyurethane brings out the rich color of the Redwood.

stick51 004stick51 007

Wild Rose Bramble Walking Stick by Brenda Stinnett

  This is a walking stick which my wife, Brenda, carved from a piece of driftwood.  She has meticulously carved autumn leaves and rose hips on a winding bramble.  I am so proud of her.  This can be found for sale in my etsy shop.



Carved Copperhead Snake Walking Stick

Here’s a video showing my latest, copperhead snake walking stick. It was carved entirely from one piece of Lodgepole pine and hand painted. I also took a walk in the hills to find some wood for future projects.

Rattlesnake Walking Stick # 37

stick#37aHere’s my latest walking stick, carved from a uniquely shaped piece of Lodgepole Pine.

ralph small

Made for the Mountain Man


Reaching out off the stick.


trioGoing from rough to finished


Rattlesnake Walking Stick #20

It’s been too cold to work outside so I spent the week, in the studio, making a new walking stick.   I finished it  today. The blue color behind the stick is snow.  I have  combined several pictures of it in one image to show all sides of the snake. This was sold in my etsy shop.

stick20 018


Wooden Snake Waking Stick

ImageHere is my latest walking stick in progress just before the scales are carved into it.

Available Walking Sticks

Available Walking Sticks

Here are some of the walking sticks and their dimensions which I have recently made. All of these sticks are carved from a single piece of wood, stained and painted. Each walking stick is signed and numbered in the order in which they are created.  These are all sold, but others can be found in my shop.