Redwood Trout Pendant

Here’s a little pendant we made out of some Redwood scraps.  It has some homemade Dogwood, beads and is hung with a tiny swivel.  My wife likes to help me and has made several different pendants like hummingbirds and sea turtles.  It’s been a fun addition to our home business. We sell them in our Etsy shop.


Corn Snake Walking Cane

janets cornsnake 020 janets cornsnake 028 This little cane carries a brilliantly colored Corn snake.  His lifted pose makes him look like he might crawl right up your arm.

Rattlesnake Walking Stick #40 with a Fence Lizard

I had a lot of fun carving this little fence lizard which was a custom request.  He is looking over his shoulder at the snake climbing up behind him.  Lizards have always been one of my favorite creatures and I hope to carve more of them.  I carved this entire stick and it’s subjects out of a single piece of wood and hand painted it.

thelizardstick 030 thelizardstick 043 thelizardstick 037 thelizardstick 062

Rattlesnake Walking Cane #39 ~ Video

Burl Bowl

bowl4bowl5I’ll probably finish this with a coating of tung oil.  Should bring out the grain and give it a rich color.