Sidewinder Rattlesnake Knob Cane

I carved this knob-style cane from Oregon Juniper wood.  It features a Sidewinder Rattlesnake, a Deer Mouse and a moth.  It is completely carved out of a single piece of wood.  It will be hand painted and coated with a protective polyurethane.




Rattlesnake Walking Stick #44

Rattlesnake Wrapped Walking Cane #42

Rattlesnake Walking Cane 42

Hand-carved from a single piece of wood and hand-painted.

Cane#42 etsy

Corn Snake Walking Cane

janets cornsnake 020 janets cornsnake 028 This little cane carries a brilliantly colored Corn snake.  His lifted pose makes him look like he might crawl right up your arm.

Finished Rattlesnake Walking Cane #31

So I’ve finished this Rattlesnake Walking Cane.  It’s hand-carved and hand-painted to look like a Diamondback Rattler.  I put a lot of time into each one of my canes and walking sticks.  I’m always learning something new about their shape, texture or coloration and challenging myself to improve.

snake cane 31 fin


snake cane 31 001

snake cane 31 022

snake cane 31 029

Rattlesnake Cane 31 Progress Update

The carving job is complete on this Mahogany walking cane.  It is one of the nicest natural shaped pieces of wood I’ve come across.  I really like the way this fits in your hand and that the snake head faces forward.  My next step is to paint him.  He has an estimated 5,000 individual scales.  Mahogany is a very strong wood and takes considerable more effort to carve but the result is beautiful.

cane 31 011

Unique Rattlesnake Cane

I’ve found a very unique piece of  Mountain Mahogany, which is native to Eastern Oregon.  Mountain Mahogany is a very hard and dense wood which carves beautifully!  It isn’t everyday that I find a perfect branch like this one.  Here I have roughed out my next rattlesnake cane.  I still have to carve all the details and paint it.034


Finished Timber Rattlesnake Walking Stick #30

I have finished carving and painting this large walking stick.  It’s made from a single piece of cedar.  This is the largest stick and snake that I have carved and the first Timber Rattler.  It was quite a process with around 10,000 individual scales. timberrattlerstick 016  timberrattlerstick 027a

New Mouse-topped Rattlesnake Walking Stick

I’ve roughed out a new , mouse-topped, rattlesnake walking stick.  It’s always a real challenge to double the subject because they are completely carved out of a single piece of wood.  This particular stick is carved  from redwood stock which I am quickly running out of. I will be sorry to see the end of this beautiful material.

29 001