Wild Roses Cane

My wife and I collaborated to make this intricately hand-carved walking cane.  Using my wife, Brenda’s design, I enjoyed roughing it out in relief.  She put the final details on it.   It features a relief carving of wild roses with their leaves and vines. It’s  is carved from a single piece of wood. The natural light color of the sapwood and darker tones of the heartwood were utilized to enhance the effects of this design. Only a high gloss polyurethane was applied and no stain was needed to bring out the beautiful grain in this piece. It is available in my shop on stinnettstudio.etsy.com.



Doe and Fawn in Progress- #7 Completed

“Flower Bed ”  acrylic on watercolor paper  12″ x 16″


I finally finished this painting. I’ve decided to title it “Flower Bed”. This doe had her fawn about one hundred yards behind my house. I kind of got tired of painting flowers so I think my next painting will just have a lot of rocks in it. 🙂

Doe and Fawn Painting #3

Doe and Fawn Painting #3

Doe and Fawn Painting update #2

doeinprogress web1

Doe and Fawn Painting Update #2

Doe and Fawn Painting in Progress

I got the idea for this painting of a doe and her newborn fawn.  I’m thinking of painting various native wildflowers in a natural bouquet. I’ve started with this sketch painting. I’ll post more pictures as the painting progresses.

Doe and Fawn Painting in Progress