Copperhead Snake Walking Stick 70

I carved this Copperhead Walking Stick out of a single Piece of Lodgepole Pine.  This is a Northern Copperhead which has some added spots to its pattern in comparison to the other Copperheads.  Thanks for stopping by!



Wooden Copperhead Walking Stick #58 & Coffee Mug

The Making of Carved Snake Stick 55

Copperhead Snake Walking Stick #38 Video

Copperhead Snake Walking Stick #38

I hand-carved this Copperhead Snake walking stick out of a single piece of Lodgepole Pine and hand painted it.  This one has it’s head lifted off the stick; so I had to start with a 4-inch diameter log in order to get the clearance I needed.

steves copper1

steves copper2

steves copper3

steves copper6

Carving a Copperhead Snake-wrapped Walking Cane

This is how I make snake wrapped walking canes.

Copperhead Wrapped Walking Cane #36

Hand-carved Copperhead Cane; made from a single piece of wood and Hand-painted.  I really like the color pattern and the plate scales on the heads of these snakes.  This guy definitely has a “don’t tread on me” look in his eye!

copper headcoppercane 1etsy copperheadcopperheadcaneetsy

Finished Copperhead Walking Cane

I have finished carving and painting this Copperhead snake cane.  It is carved from a single piece of wood and then hand-painted.  Copperhead snakes are found in the eastern US. It is obvious that they are well suited to be camouflaged  on deciduous forest floors where they blend with fallen leaves.   I was asked to take on this project as a custom order and enjoyed the challenge.

copper28done 040 copper28done 029 copper28done 037