Doe and Fawn in Progress- #7 Completed

“Flower Bed ”  acrylic on watercolor paper  12″ x 16″


I finally finished this painting. I’ve decided to title it “Flower Bed”. This doe had her fawn about one hundred yards behind my house. I kind of got tired of painting flowers so I think my next painting will just have a lot of rocks in it. 🙂


Doe and Fawn in Progress- Update #6

I’m working on the foreground, now.  Trying to think of a good title.  Maybe, “Flower Bed”.

Doe and Fawn in progress- update #5

Doe and Fawn painting in progress- update #5

I’ve still been working on the background;  adding more layers of vegetation and trying to balance the colors and lighting.  Getting ready to start on the foreground, now.  I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to do with it.

Doe and Fawn Painting in Progress Update #4

Doe and Fawn Painting #4

Acrylic on Watercolor paper.

This is the fourth post on my Painting in Progress.  I’m working on creating a balance of color with the native wildflowers;  purple Lupine, yellow  Arrowleaf  Balsamroot, and red Indian Paintbrush.  As I come forward in layers I create higher contrast in the foliage to bring it into focus.  I may add a rock or two with lichen or I may just continue to bunch the wildflowers around the subjects;  I haven’t decided, yet.