Wildlife Painting of Chipmunks

Here’s a little painting of a couple of chipmunks in an Autumn Huckleberry Patch.  I really enjoyed painting this.  I love this time of year with the beautiful fall colors.

the last huckleberry final, small





African Green Mamba and Twinspot

This custom ordered walking stick features a Green Mamba and a Twinspot.  These are native to Africa.  I especially enjoyed carving my first bird.

Andrews twinspot mamba final3Andrews twinspot mamba final 2Andrews twinspot mamba final 1

Sidewinder Knob Cane 48 Video

Walking stick #47 in Progress

In this new custom ordered project I am featuring two snakes.  The Diamondback Rattlesnake will be curling back to view its predator.  The King snake will be winding around beneath in pursuit of its prey.  I hope you enjoy watching the progress of this project. I will continue to post progress updates and I plan to make a video for my youtube channel when this walking stick is finished.




Corn Snake Walking Cane

janets cornsnake 020 janets cornsnake 028 This little cane carries a brilliantly colored Corn snake.  His lifted pose makes him look like he might crawl right up your arm.

Rattlesnake Walking Stick #40 with a Fence Lizard

I had a lot of fun carving this little fence lizard which was a custom request.  He is looking over his shoulder at the snake climbing up behind him.  Lizards have always been one of my favorite creatures and I hope to carve more of them.  I carved this entire stick and it’s subjects out of a single piece of wood and hand painted it.

thelizardstick 030 thelizardstick 043 thelizardstick 037 thelizardstick 062

Rattlesnake Walking Cane #39

I Just finished this Rattlesnake walking cane.  With his chin resting on the handle, he appears to be a guardian, ready to strike.  He’s hand carved out of one solid piece of wood and then hand painted.

001 009 Cane#39etsy etsyicon

Copperhead Wrapped Walking Cane #36

Hand-carved Copperhead Cane; made from a single piece of wood and Hand-painted.  I really like the color pattern and the plate scales on the heads of these snakes.  This guy definitely has a “don’t tread on me” look in his eye!

copper headcoppercane 1etsy copperheadcopperheadcaneetsy

Diamondback Rattlesnake Walking Stick # 35 Video

Diamondback Rattlesnake Walking Stick #35

On this stick I was asked to carve this knurled hand-grip. It is all carved from a single piece of Logdepole Pine.   After carving the snake and all the scales it is hand-painted.  I use three different polyurathane finishes to shine and protect different areas.  For the eyes and rattle I use a high gloss, for the shaft of the stick I use a satin finish and for the snake I use  a flat finish.

stick35 031

Rigsby stick 35

stick35 034

stick35 036

stick35 040