Rattlesnake and Horned Lizard Staff


16 thoughts on “Rattlesnake and Horned Lizard Staff

  1. Omg!!!! I will one day figure out how to own a piece of your work… my favorite is the ready to strike cane. Absolutely breathtaking…


  2. been looking for pries on your walking sticks with no luck . have sent a few messages with no response . what is the price of the rattlesnake and horned toad walking stick ?


  3. WOW………is it freeze dried or Stinnett? Snakes now strive to look this good and mother nature is said to be using your carvings to make improvements.


  4. En sábado, 7 de abril de 2018 4:16:11 CEST, Walking Sticks and Original paintings by Mike Stinnett escribió: Muy bonito tu trabajo del lagarto me gusta mucho todos tus trabajos me gustan mucho pero lo que mas me gusta es el hecho de que puedas hacerlos, gracias seguimos en contacto | Stinnett Studio posted: “https://youtu.be/XykuR9SadV4” | |


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