Rattlesnake Stick #68~ Green Mojave

Here is my latest walking stick, hand carved from a single piece of wood. This is a Green Mojave rattlesnake walking cane.etsystick68green mojave5mikestick68


18 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Stick #68~ Green Mojave

  1. I am close to investing in one of these beauties.
    Question #1: Can you mount the walking stick in a plexiglass or glass case to wall mount?
    Question #3: Can the walking stick be signed by Mr. Stinnett?
    Question #3: How much? Delivered


  2. I have followed you for quite a while now because I love your work. My dream is to own one some day but……same old story, retired and not enough money. I will be 65 in September and will be needing a cane before long. Isn’t there someone out there who has a generous heart and will buy me one for my birthday???? Dreams do come true if you want them bad enough….sometimes. But seriously your work could not be any better.


  3. Love you work do you sell them if so how much are thay i have to use a stick but love snakes and keep them i wood love to buy one of your rattlesnake sticks if thay are for sale and can get money to get if can please let no and keep up the good work


  4. I would like to know if you have put out a video of the complete process of carving, wood burning & painting a rattlesnake walking stick. If you haven’t I think you should consider this. I would love to have a video so I could attempt to carve one


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