A Warrior’s Solitude-Native American Walking Stick

I’m showing the carving of this walking stick and also a little venture out into the countryside to find historical evidence of the Native Americans.  Thanks for watching and I look forward to your comments!

12 thoughts on “A Warrior’s Solitude-Native American Walking Stick

  1. I am more and more amazed by your work with every video I watch. I love watching your videos, I am mesmerized by your carving and painting; your choice of music and you voice are so peaceful and calming. I look forward to every one you send out. What a magnificent piece of art, just took my breath away. Thank you for sharing your adventures and your craft!


  2. Good grief. Incredible from beginning to end. I could watch these all day!! Every detail of the Indian is stunning. So much solemn character in his face.
    Thanks for sharing — the videos are so great.
    Always looking forward to the next one!!
    (And my walking stick- even if takes awhile. Well worth the wait. ) 🙂


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