Carved Wolf Walking Stick #63



8 thoughts on “Carved Wolf Walking Stick #63

  1. Another incredible piece of art.

    If you have another burl stick, I’d
    like to order a Burmese
    Mountain Dog with paw markings on the stick shaft.
    Brest regards,



    • Hello, Sterling! Thanks for your request. I’m sorry that I didn’t answer sooner. I’ve been swamped!
      As for the the Mountain dog; I hesitate to do domestic animals. I just feel more comfortable doing wildlife. But thank you for asking. I hope you’re still taking many hikes up the trail with your dogs and enjoying the spring!


  2. Mike you are one of the greatest in carving wild life, the wolf head looks so real, just gona have to give you 5 STARS…….Again!


  3. I love your work and was wondering how much a wolf head walking stick would be. I can not find it on any website to purchase and Jo price either. Wondering if I could commission one and how much it would run me. Thank you for doing your art work it is wonderful and fascinating to watch you carve them.


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