Hand Carved Rattlesnake Cane #61

The weather has been so cold, lately, that I have had to do a lot of work indoors which has brought on a serious case of cabin fever! The only cure I know for that is to get out in the country. This video shows the making of a carved wooden cane with the Rattlesnake in the “ready to strike” position. It is carved from a single piece of Pine.

I’m in the process of uploading a series of video tutorials on the making of this cane for those who support me for $5 or more on https://www.patreon.com/stinnettsticks. I really appreciate the support which helps me be able to keep making videos. A “Great Big Thanks” to all you Patrons, Youtube subscribers and WordPress followers!

For questions about placing custom orders, please make requests on https://www.etsy.com/shop/StinnettStu…

Music by Mike and Theresa Stinnett and very special thanks to Jered Gillispie for his wonderful banjo picking! We appreciate his contribution to our music and look forward to adding more of his great music to our videos!

To view or purchase fine art prints of my paintings and other printable products including Pearl prints, visit: http://pixels.com/profiles/stinnettst…

I hope you’ll all stay tuned; I’ve got some new projects coming up with brand new subjects which I have never done before. Thank you all for watching and I look forward to seeing your comments below!


8 thoughts on “Hand Carved Rattlesnake Cane #61

  1. Hi Mike
    I really enjoy watching your videos and you do amazing work. Do you think you will ever produce a tutorial Video that a person can buy or will you just be doing it on patreon?


    • Thank you very much! For now its just going to be on Patreon. I haven’t had the time to work on a video that can be bought from a DVD, it takes a lot more editing. But I hope to do it someday when I get more time. If I do get a DVD available I’ll announce it here on a post.
      Best Regards,


  2. Hi Mike, my husband and I just sat and watched a bunch of your videos on YouTube today, and here are some thoughts:

    1. HOLY CATS – you’re a great artist! The snakes look like they could just slither off the cane and go right up your arm! (We have a few hognose snakes living with us, so we know!)
    2. We’re in love with Pearl. More Pearl please!
    3. If we lived where you live, we would be out in the woods looking for morels, too!
    4. Fabulous that you seek and find your crafting materials in nature.
    5. What was that plant that you dug up and ate the roots of? You never said!
    6. Awesome beard! (My husband is just growing his out long, so we’re always looking for beards we admire… something to aspire to, ha!)
    7. Who is shooting the videos? They do a great job, whoever they are!
    8. Thank you for using background music that doesn’t make us want to scream and pull our hair out. (That’s a pet peeve, especially with craft / DIY videos… there are vids I would love to watch, but the music just puts me off!) Your music is soothing, and stays in the background so that we can focus on what you’re saying. Perfect!
    9. We figure you are the real “Grizzly Adams”.


    • Thanks Heide! This is one of the nicest comments I’ve ever had. you have great writing skills and have a way of being able to make even the simple life of a carver seem special. As for Pearl, she brings us all a lot of happiness. She just turned one year old, yesterday.
      My wife and daughters are behind the camera and are the video editors. I’m glad you enjoy our music. One of the reasons I love the outdoors is because of the peace and quiet I find there from God. I hope to pass the peace I have in my life on to others through my videos and music. The root I was digging up is called biscuit root. I can’t hardly wait for mushroom season, this spring! I’m thinking about taking the whole morel season off from work and just enjoying myself out there! Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment!


      • Hi Mike,

        We just watched a couple more of your videos this morning, and as far as your passing peace along to the rest of us? You’re doing it! I might live in New York, but in my head I’m somewhere in the mountains.
        My people (on my Mom’s side) come from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and I spent a lot of time in my youth on lone hikes there. It’s amazing how you can be “alone” in the mountains and never feel as if you are. When I was little, I imagined that the spirits of the Native Americans who lived there before were watching me (and watching out for me).
        Back to your videos – I will admit that sometimes just watching you make coffee on a campfire and share a sausage with Pearl makes me teary-eyed. There’s something about truly honest moments that always makes me cry.
        Thank you so much for bringing so much beauty into the world, through your art and through your life. I’m not a religious person but I recognize and appreciate a pure spirit, and yours shines brightly.

        – Heide


  3. Hi, Mike, I am a huge fan of yours. I had made one and I would like to show you. If there is a way to contact you, either via skype or phone, please let me know, i’d really appreciate. Regards.


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