Work in Progress~Hand Carved Rattlesnake Cane #61


I carved this Rattlesnake cane from a single piece of wood.  The painting is complete and it is ready for stain to be applied to the remaining wood.  I will also be drilling a hole in the handle for a lanyard.

Those of you who have been following me for some time have seen that my family and I enjoy sharing my life and work in videos.   We appreciate all the encouragement that has been given and the expression, of some of you, to continue.  We enjoy hearing from you and look forward to all your comments.

If you would like to support me further I have started a Patreon account where I share updated  information and videos about my projects, life and work.  I will also be giving my first  full tutorial of the making of Rattlesnake cane #61 in a series of videos for my friends on Patreon.


13 thoughts on “Work in Progress~Hand Carved Rattlesnake Cane #61

  1. Hey Mike,happy New Year! Yeah man it’s cold here in Vegas.Im up in the mtns. Called Calico Basin,Red Rock.Las Vegas,Nevada.I was wondering where I was standing on the waiting list? And by the way your #61 looks great.You have the gift from God.Stay Blessed.


    • Hello, Geoffrey! It’s good to here from you, and Happy New Year to you too! Yes, It’s been an unusually cold and snowy winter this year. We’ve had snow and ice for a couple of months now, which is unusual for us here in the canyon. I checked the order list and you are about two and a half years out now, but I’m getting so anxious to make that green Mojave stick that I am going to work yours in as soon as I get a slot for it. I’ll contact you about it on Etsy when the time comes. Thank you very much for your kind compliments, and God bless you too!


      • Ok,Mike I’m trying to stay patient.Im having dreams of my cane and if I could speed it up I’m willing to pay extra.a lot extra.Thank you and keep ur top knotch warm.That is a beauty # 61 by the way.and if there’s any in stock till mine is done will be greatly appreciated .


  2. Outstanding work mike ,I’ve carved several snake canes out of one piece of wood but I have to say your the master of details. I thank you for your videos, I believe I can do better now. I’ve got a great respect for anyone who has the patients to achieve such remarkable work. Hope to see more of your work.


  3. I’ve been impressed with your work since I first saw one of your YouTube videos.
    This is the style of cane I’m looking for. Let me know if this one is available for sale. If it isn’t, how long is the waiting line? 🙂


    • Thank you! I’m sorry I’m so late getting back to you! This one was a custom order and is sold. I’d be happy to discuss a custom order for you on I do have a pretty long waiting list.


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