Copperhead Cane 55

I’m happy to have completed my 55th walking stick.  This one is a Copperhead cane which was carved out of a single piece of Lodgepole Pine.  I like the beautiful pattern on Copperheads and enjoy making them.

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14 thoughts on “Copperhead Cane 55

  1. Looks great Mike!!!! You sure can cripple ass is still waiting but if you have any standing alone,I’d buy one till u do mine.Not rushing u,but I’d sure like one of your walking canes.Remember me?????


  2. Just beautiful Mike but all you work is . I have an old walking stick that has a wood wrap around the stick how do I get started on carving a snake on it ? It’s a very old piece of wood an very discolored. What kind of tool should I use to start carving more shape. The part that would be the snakes head is pointed


  3. Hi Mike ,
    I love all your canes and walking sticks . Your right about the beauty of copperheads.
    But I will always be Copperhead Cane No1.
    As always the best to you and yours .
    Jeff Healy


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