Here’s a video of my work in progress of the Massasauga Rattlesnake walking cane; hand carved out of a single piece of wood.



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  1. Hey Mike,Geoffrey here.Just stay in’ touch with you regarding my walking cane.the green rattler that I requested.and if it’ll be awhile are there any on your stock?thanks Geoffrey Keyes,Las Vegas…..


    • Hello, Geoffrey! It will be a couple of years still, before I can make the Green Mojave Rattler. Sometimes I will get a snake stick to put in the Etsy shop. You can favorite my shop to be notified when I add something new. I appreciate you checking in. I’m looking forward to your project.


  2. Hi, Mike! Loved the video! And Pearl! Don’t know who is doing your filming, music and sound, but they’re all top notch! The Massagua rattler is dramatic and breathtaking. I love getting your videos- they’re like a little unexpected treat, and I especially loved this one as it’s filmed in my home state. Thanks for the gift! Debbie Corak


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