Wood Carved Massasauga Rattlesnake Walking stick #54

Here’s my latest carving. This one is a Massasauga Rattle Snake. I carved it from a piece of naturally crooked pine.

19 thoughts on “Wood Carved Massasauga Rattlesnake Walking stick #54

  1. Beautiful piece of workindeed.I have a question for you. Why do you burn the scales in but then paint over them anyway? Also ..do you do custom sticks and send them overzeas? I am in Australia.cheers . Your work is the best ive seen.


  2. Excellent work. The scaling work is exceptional. I have burned scales and realize the skill in laying out the scale pattern to contour with the body direction, the color pattern, and the painting. Truly a treasure.


  3. Mike, this is so awesome! Unimaginable that it is from one piece of wood. You truly have a wonderful talent. l had so hope to meet you this summer, but I was unable to go to the reunion and I understand you weren’t there either. Maybe one day we will be that way and try to look you up. God Bless!


  4. Another beautiful work of art, you are in a class of your own Mike. I’m the guy who bought your 5ft. rattler and chipmunk walking stick. Prior to buying the walking stick I was on your waiting list of rattle snake canes. Not sure how I stand there. My email would more than likely have my deceased wife’s name (Linda) as the major contact, which would be a reason for confusion. I had contacted you last December to be placed on the waiting list and was told by you that I was. Not all that long ago we had correspondence in which you asked me what length I needed. So hopefully there is a cane in my future. Thank you Sir, I hope this reaches you in good health.
    Frank McCauley


    • Thank you Frank! Yes I still have you on my order list, and am happily working my way toward your cane project. I wish I could carve them faster, but I can’t and still keep the level of detail. I’ll probably get started on your cane about this time next year. I hope you are enjoying your Rattler/Chipmunk stick. I sure appreciate your business and patience and am looking forward to making the cane for you. I will contact you from the Etsy shop to get the details of what you need for your cane.
      Thanks again my friend!


      • Thank you Mike,
        And by no means, speed up. That would be contrary to your approach toward life and art. Thanks for the update, enjoy your posts.


  5. Dear sir I showed my father the video of you making your rattlesnake cane he was very impressed and he replied to me that he wants one he was very excited to see your work he is 78 years old and loves the outdoors as much as he can get around now he use his cane every day and would love to replace his everyday with yours I was wondering your prices if you don’t mind first thing he told me is fine this guy I would love one so I found you I’m glad I did


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