Canebrake Timber Rattler

On my latest walking stick it was requested that it be a Canebrake Timber Rattle Snake in the yellow phase. I added a checkered hand grip. This was carved out of one solid piece of wood and hand painted. A coat of high gloss polyurethane brings out the rich color of the Redwood.

stick51 004stick51 007


14 thoughts on “Canebrake Timber Rattler

  1. You are the mark that all other wood carvers like myself strive to be. The gift you have is hard for me to comprehend. How can you possibly put a dollar value on these creations? Humbling…


  2. The master carving skills you possess are fantastic. Your rattlesnake walking sticks are great. I look forward to receiving mine. Thank you for posting your art work.


    • Thank you, Michael! I’m learning checkering from a gunsmith friend of mine. It’s kind of tricky to checker a round shaft, and get all the diamond lines to match up. I was pretty relived that it worked out. It gave the stick a good grip and feels good in the hand.


  3. Hi Mike
    I was a worried about you , I haven’t heard from you in sometime.
    Can you believe I still get negative comments on mine !! Some people are just ignorant. Love your work as always .


    • Hello, Jeff! Good to hear from you! I’m alive and well, just been really busy, lately. I’ve got some really exciting walking stick projects lined up for years ahead. I’ve taken a little time this spring to spend outdoors, hunting morel mushrooms. But I’m back at carving, now. I guess some people just don’t like snakes! 🙂 hahaha! Take care of yourself, my friend, and thanks for checking in!


  4. Are any available?, & How much?$,the one with the chipmunk on top of the rattlesnake walking stick! Would love that!, meassGe me ,at my e- mail is rabbitenterprises@ ymail . Com- thank you – love your work !-


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