African Green Mamba and Twinspot

This custom ordered walking stick features a Green Mamba and a Twinspot.  These are native to Africa.  I especially enjoyed carving my first bird.

Andrews twinspot mamba final3Andrews twinspot mamba final 2Andrews twinspot mamba final 1


17 thoughts on “African Green Mamba and Twinspot

  1. Hi Mike,
    This is a killer walking stick , pun intended . I was just wondering is this stick going to
    Africa ? I love getting your posts ,you always amaze
    Jeff ,copperhead cane1


    • Hello, Jeff!
      It’s always good to here from you. Haha! This stick nearly killed me just trying to carve it without messing it up 😉 It is going to a collector in England, who really knows a lot about different exotic snakes. Thank you for the comment Jeff!
      Take care.


  2. love your work, it never ceases to amaze. You are definitely one of a kind. You always leave me shaking my head in disbelief.
    Continue on Sir,
    With great respect,
    Frank McCauley


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