Sidewinder Knob Cane 48 Video

10 thoughts on “Sidewinder Knob Cane 48 Video

  1. Mike
    I have seen fine carving before but you are on top of your field. The realism that is in every stick is beyond real, your walking sticks almost have soul. It is rarely that a craftsman lives his work this much. I can’t wait for you to start in mine. I have enjoyed seeing every one of your videos.


  2. Hi Mike, Just watched your latest video and I reckon it’s your best one yet – I really enjoyed seeing hoe you use the different tools to create the fur and scale effects and to carve out the other fine details – Seeing the time and skill that goes in to your sticks makes them even more special, and even more rewarding to own. Thanks for sharing!
    Best Wishes, Andrew


    • Thanks Andrew! Its always worth it in the end, though I do break out into a nervous sweat from time to time during the process. I’m really glad you enjoyed the video. I will send you some update pictures soon.


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