Finished Sidewinder Knob Cane

I finished this knob-style walking cane.  It is carved out of a single piece of Oregon Juniper and hand painted.

etsy sidewinder4etsy sidewinde6jpgetsy sidewinder1etsy sidewinder2etsy sidewinder3

13 thoughts on “Finished Sidewinder Knob Cane

    • Thank you for your interest! I have been taking custom orders on If you’ll drop me a note there, I’d be happy to discuss a project with you and put you on the waiting list.


  1. Hey Mike – You did it again! Another fine stick with beautifully detailed carvings of the sidewinder, deer-mouse and an amazing moth – Pure class! Long may you carve! – Best Wishes, Andrew


  2. Hi Mike ,
    I Would trade my cane for this Sidewinder in a heart beat . I love my cane but this shows the cycle of life , that I try to explain to people every time we get on the subject
    of snakes . Again your work just blows me away . If I could afford it I would by it .
    Best of luck to you and your talented family
    Jeff Healy


    • Hey, Jeff. Thanks for the nice comment! I enjoy making the multi-subject sticks, although there is a lot of pressure to keep from making mistakes. If I mess up on just one of the subjects the whole thing is ruined. I’m always relieved when the carvings turn out okay.
      It’s always good to here from you Jeff.I hope you’re having a great early spring.


  3. Hi Mike, I was wondering if you have considered putting a book out on how to carve wooden canes, like the ones you carve. Do you know of any real good books on wood cane carving? I love your work and think I would like to give it a try. Thank you Nancy


    • Hello, Nancy, I’m glad that you are interested in carving. I don’t have any books of my own and haven’t looked at any, lately. I’m hoping to share more information on a new site called Patreon, soon. Eventually I hope to make tutorials and have them available, there. I hope you enjoy carving as much as I do and look forward to hearing from you again.


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