Walking Stick #47 Progress Update

I am working on this double, snake stick with a King Snake below and a Rattlesnake on the top.  In this photo I have refined the shapes and am ready to put on the scales.scaleready

Here you can see the scales have been added to the Rattlesnake.  steves double snake stick blog 001steves double snake stick blog 002

 Here’s the King snake with his scales.  You can see the Rattlesnake on the opposite side of the stick.king

14 thoughts on “Walking Stick #47 Progress Update

  1. I did not realize that you carved the snake with the walking stick, I thought you added the snake to it from a dead snake….After seeing your video on you carving a walking stick, I I can only say AWESOME…Wish I had a $1000.00 to buy one now.
    You are a true ARTIST!!!!!


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