Rattlesnake Walking Cane #46

This Rattlesnake walking cane is hand carved from a single piece of wood and then hand painted.

stick46 063


18 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Walking Cane #46

  1. I would be proud to own one of your walking sticks!
    The copperhead is amazing! I am wondering if you have a waiting list? I would surely like to sign up.


  2. I MUST HAVE ONE. I have MS and depend on my cane. I need a contact number to find out if these are for sale, how much one costs, and what the process is to get one.


  3. Mike,
    These are so amazing!! I do a lot of woodcraft, and have just started this year doing a few carvings. Seeing your videos has brought a huge challenge for me. I am going to attempt doing a walking stick with a rattlesnake wrapped around it for myself. I hope it turns out a quarter as nice as yours. I was wondering what type of disc you used on the grinder and what type of wood-burning tip you use to do the snake scales. If you will share those secrets!


    • Hello, Jason. Thank you for your comment!
      It’s great that you are going to make your own snake stick!
      The disc is a 32 grit sanding disc. Be very careful! It is a really dangerous tool.
      The burning tip is from razertip.com Just give them a call and ask for Chris. He is the guy that makes them for me.
      I am thinking about starting a video series for tips and techniques on patrion.com soon. when I am ready, I’ll post a video on youtube about it.


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