Rattlesnake “Ready to Strike” Cane

I was able to get creative with the shape on this snake cane.  I used a larger piece of naturally crooked pine which gave me the space I needed to put the snake’s head in a striking position.  I will show the process of making it in an upcoming video.

rattlesnakestick43 036arattlesnakestick43 037arattlesnakestick43 045rattlesnakestick43 040



16 thoughts on “Rattlesnake “Ready to Strike” Cane

  1. Hi Mike ‘
    Looks like someone is going to have a great Christmas .
    I always enjoy your email ‘and am amazed at your talent !!!!
    I Hope you and yours have a great Christmas and New Year


  2. HI Mike,
    Your work is exquisite. My father was a venomous snake handler and wildlife rescuer in midwest Florida for over a decade and half once he got out of the army. He came down with lung cancer which stopped him from doing what he loved. With other health trouble he has lost mobility and gained a collection of walking sticks. Your snake sticks seem to be custom jobs because i don see any in your shop. I wish to get one for him. How can I get hold of you for consignment.


  3. Your walking sticks and canes are absolutely Amazing!! I’ve looked on Etsy for them, but they have none for sale. Can these be special ordered and how do I find out the prices of each?


  4. Hi Mike, Jeff here ( copperheadcane#1 ) , looks like you had a pretty productive winter.
    I love watching your videos ,I really wish I new how to carve . I keep trying but not there yet . Take care , talk to you soon .


    • Hey Jeff, It’s good to hear from you! Thanks for enjoying my video, I have a lot of fun making them. Carving really is a relaxing hobby. I would just keep trying and having fun with it. You will notice your skill increasing with each new project. Take care, my friend! Mike


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