Corn Snake Walking Cane

janets cornsnake 020 janets cornsnake 028 This little cane carries a brilliantly colored Corn snake.  His lifted pose makes him look like he might crawl right up your arm.


4 thoughts on “Corn Snake Walking Cane

  1. Hi Mike ,
    You seem to get faster at this . I will not say better ,because every one is awesome .
    I have had some bad reactions to my copperhead cane . My neighbors wife made me leave it outside . IGNORANCE .


    • Hey Jeff! I’m not sure that I’m actually getting much faster, just that I’ve spent more time working on them, lately. That’s funny about your neighbor’s wife! I’ve had bad reactions, myself. I was afraid one lady was going to faint before I could convince her that it was just a WOODEN CANE. she still wouldn’t let me near her with it. she makes a point to shudder every time she sees my works in progress.


  2. Snake phobia is a very real issue. My father-in-law refused to sleep at our house once he found out we had a small snake colony of 16 snakes in the back room, none of them poisoninous. I did an outreach at the YMCA I was working at with the kids that were in class there. It seemed all of them were very interested in them, but some of the teachers needed to be in another room. Snake sizes ranged from about a foot long to 6 feet long and they were allowed to touch or even hold some of them. They are wonderful critters and I’m so you’re using your artistic abilities to honor them. David


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