Rattlesnake Walking Cane #39

I Just finished this Rattlesnake walking cane.  With his chin resting on the handle, he appears to be a guardian, ready to strike.  He’s hand carved out of one solid piece of wood and then hand painted.

001 009 Cane#39etsy etsyicon


20 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Walking Cane #39

  1. Hi Mike ,
    I have been wanting to get back to you about your last couple of canes . That last copperhead was really amazing . It seems like every new one you do outdoes the last.
    I love this rattlesnake , if I could I would buy another .
    Jeff , The first copperhead cane .


  2. Mike Great job I have been a carver for 40 years and have carved a lot of snake walking sticks through the years,but you can teach an old dog new tricks the way you burn scales has saved me a lot of hours hand carving scales then going back and burning definition and color in , I was able to buy a set if scale burning tips what a time saver. I have never been able to keep any inventory, so I was glad to see you taking pictures to reflect back to. I would like to talk to you some time and compare notes, I,m a full time taxidermist also so busy time is coming. Thank you again for sharing. BRUCE


    • Hi Bruce! I can’t imagine having to hand-carve these scales like I used to. It didn’t take me long to invent the wood burning tip. I was really glad that razertip would make them for me. It makes a big difference in the end product and saves time. Feel free to contact me at mike.stinnett.art@gmail.com for further discussions and to compare notes. Hope you get a lot of head mounts to do and enjoy your carving!


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