Rattlesnake Walking Stick # 37

stick#37aHere’s my latest walking stick, carved from a uniquely shaped piece of Lodgepole Pine.

ralph small

Made for the Mountain Man


Reaching out off the stick.


trioGoing from rough to finished



4 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Walking Stick # 37

  1. I’ve been following you post for awhile now and wanted to know if you make and sell your scale burner tips very interested I live in ohio please let me know.thanks Roberta


    • Hi Roberta! I am now using Razortip Wood Burner and tips. I used to make my own for a common wood burner. But now I have Razortip custom make them. I’m not sure what kind of wood burner you have. But they may be able to make something work for you. Their number is 1-877-729-3787. They are in Canada and seem to be a great company that backs up their product. Hope you find something that works for you! I’d be interested in seeing pictures of your carving if you have the time.


  2. I’ve watched about all your vedios and have say I haven’t seen no one beat the ones u make.I’ve been working on mine just can’t get the round of the snake like u do.mine ends up to flat lookin.and ideas on how I get rounded or what tool is best to use thanks mike.


    • Hello, Michael! Thank you for your comment! The way I get the snake rounder is to start with a thicker piece of wood. About 3and a half or four inches in diameter is best. I use my angle grinder with sanding disc to help round it out, and the use a farriers rasp and file to get it even rounder.


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