Rattlesnake Walking Stick # 37

stick#37aHere’s my latest walking stick, carved from a uniquely shaped piece of Lodgepole Pine.

ralph small

Made for the Mountain Man


Reaching out off the stick.


trioGoing from rough to finished



2 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Walking Stick # 37

  1. I’ve been following you post for awhile now and wanted to know if you make and sell your scale burner tips very interested I live in ohio please let me know.thanks Roberta


    • Hi Roberta! I am now using Razortip Wood Burner and tips. I used to make my own for a common wood burner. But now I have Razortip custom make them. I’m not sure what kind of wood burner you have. But they may be able to make something work for you. Their number is 1-877-729-3787. They are in Canada and seem to be a great company that backs up their product. Hope you find something that works for you! I’d be interested in seeing pictures of your carving if you have the time.


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