Carving a Copperhead Snake-wrapped Walking Cane

This is how I make snake wrapped walking canes.


14 thoughts on “Carving a Copperhead Snake-wrapped Walking Cane

  1. Super video! Thank you very much for sharing. I am a very interested fan and am grateful to be tutored by such an experienced master craftsmen. Artist like you are very generous to share their skills and techniques.


  2. I’m so happy to be able to watch the birth of my beautiful cane and can’t wait to receive it. Truly an heirloom masterpiece.


  3. Since I now have to use a cane after having several spine surgeries I’m going to look good doing it. Thank you Mike for my beautiful, balanced and very sturdy copperhead cane.



  4. Mr. Mike,
    You truly an inspiration. I’m a disabled vet who can not run and play with my 12 or 15 year old boys due to a freak spinal cord injury so I have been trying to find mutual likes so we can share father sons time. I had recently decided to try my hand at making canes and walking sticks of course nothing as beautiful as your snake canes but when they saw your video they both agreed we could do stuff like that. Thank you.


    • Robert. It makes me very happy to have inspired you and your boys to start carving walking sticks!
      I’m planning to start a video tip series for folks who would like to learn a bit more about the tools and techniques for making snake canes and sticks for a small fee.
      If I can get enough people interested, I’ll announce it on my youtube channel.
      Thanks for the comment and happy carving!


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