Progress on Rattlesnake Walking Stick #32

This Rattlesnake walking stick has three subjects;  all carved from a single piece of
Redwood.  The scales on the snake, and fur on the chipmunk will be my  next stages.  I still have the painting and finishing of the wood to do as well.  I was very challenged with the large Stag Beetle, but am happy that it is turning out alright.

I have saturated the most fragile parts of the ears, toes and beetle appendages with super glue to give them strength and to keep them from sheering off with the grain or being accidentally chipped.

stickbug 007

stickbug 004

2 thoughts on “Progress on Rattlesnake Walking Stick #32

  1. Hi Mike ,
    It’s copperhead cane . I love getting your post , you never stop amazing me .
    I don’t know about your other customers but there are more pictures of my cane than me out there .Wish I could afford another one .


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