Finished Rattlesnake Walking Stick #33

Lodgepole Pine is my new favorite wood to carve.  I like the workability of the wood, it’s strength, and especially the pattern of the grain after its been stained and  poly-coated.

I carved this walking stick out of one single piece of wood and hand painted it.

stick33done 003  stick33done 011stick33done 008 stick33done 014 stick33done 015 stick33done 016


6 thoughts on “Finished Rattlesnake Walking Stick #33

  1. Hi Mike,

    Another great looking stick! Thought I’d drop you a quick line to get an update on my Chipmunk/Rattlesnake/Stag beetle stick – excited to see how it’s going to turn out – any start date set on this one, or do you have some prior orders to get done first? Look forward to hearing from you.

    Regards, Andrew


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