Finished Timber Rattlesnake Walking Stick #30

I have finished carving and painting this large walking stick.  It’s made from a single piece of cedar.  This is the largest stick and snake that I have carved and the first Timber Rattler.  It was quite a process with around 10,000 individual scales. timberrattlerstick 016  timberrattlerstick 027a


8 thoughts on “Finished Timber Rattlesnake Walking Stick #30

  1. Mike, God sure did give you a gift.and I mean it seriously.The King snake is beautiful n the leaves,well it really added detail.What ru asking for the King snake cane? I’d love to be a student of yours.and I’m still dreaming of how ur gonna do my Greenmojave rattler.I hope I didn’t offend u,when I asked too be a student. I pray for Peace in this World.And nature is Peace to me. Geoffrey Keyes.


    • Thank you, Geoffrey! I really appreciate your comment! And am honored that you would like to be a student of mine:) The king snake with oak leaves was a custom order and is sold. I’m looking forward to making the Green Mojave stick for you. It will be fun to paint that one. Recently, a neighbor brought a rattler by to show me, and it was green like the Mojave type. So I took a lot of pictures of it, thinking of your project. My peace comes from a relationship with my Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ my Lord. I spend a lot of time out in nature to visit with Him.


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