Copperhead Snake Cane in Progress

This is to show the progress on a  Copperhead walking cane.  Here it is being roughed out.

copper2And then the beginning stages of it’s refinement.



4 thoughts on “Copperhead Snake Cane in Progress

  1. Hi, I am such a fan of your amazing work. I was wondering what different sorts of snakes you do, and also if it is possible to get a walking stick with a non-rattlesnake snake, possibly similar to the one you are doing, and carved from pacific yew wood? This is the source of one of the main chemotherapy drugs used to treat the sort of cancer I have, and it would be nicely symbolic for me to have such an object to help support me as I walk through the world post cancer.
    best wishes


    • Hi Jessica! It’s good to hear from you again. I can do all sorts of snakes, but I just don’t want to carve cobras. I will check some sources about getting some pacific yew wood. It may be difficult to find one with a crooked end to make a cane. I will see what I can get and let you know. I hope all is going well with your cancer treatment and I wish you a speedy recovery. I appreciate your business and all of your kind compliments.


  2. Hi Mike

    I still cant believe I” am getting this cane . The reason I chose a Copper Head is here in Pa. if it doesn’t rattle people right away say its a copper head .Since I was a kid I have admired snake and would catch and release them . I would read all I could I guess ,I was sort of an advocate for them . Your work is so amazing now I can let people see one without getting bit .

    I hope you and your very talented family have a great and safe Holliday

    Thank you

    Jeff Healy

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