Finished Walking Cane #27

This sturdy, one-of-a-kind, cane has a unique curve to the neck which gives it a super realistic, snake-like appearance. It’s all hand-carved from a very crooked, young, lodgepole pine tree. Every scale and feature is individually made, one-at-a-time. His scaly texture is then carefully hand painted and sealed with a matte poly-finish. The head, 2-1/2 inches Long x 2 inches wide, fits nicely in the palm of your hand. The cane is about 34-5/8 inches tall. It has natural curves which give it a lively look. Even the eyes are carved and given a high gloss finish to appear more real. It is signed, and numbered (#27).

It is listed for sale in my  ETSY SHOP

snakecane27 004

snakecane27 008

snakecane27 018

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