Rattlesnake Hiking Stick #21

This walking stick, carved from a single piece of redwood, is 51 inches long.  It has a more distinctive pattern on the rattlesnake than some of my previous ones and is somewhat lighter in it’s overall color.

Available for sale in my ETSY.COM Shop


stick21 group etsy

stick21b etsy

stick21 189 etsy



2 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Hiking Stick #21

  1. Hi Mike. Hope you’re well. I’m definitely not the first to be amazed by your gift. Simply breathtaking. Would you work on commission for a walking stick similar to the one that had a rattlesnake with a mouse on the top? Preferably I would like a Copperhead as they are more prevalent in Georgia. Please let me know and keep up the wonderful work.

    Take care,



    • Hello, Eric. Yes, I take commissions. If you would like for me to add you to my order list, I’d be glad to. Please go to my etsy shop at stinnettstudio.etsy.com and look for the button that says “request custom order” and I will be happy to give you prices and add you to my order list.
      Thank you, and for the nice comment!


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